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Why pay thousand in real estate commisions when you don’t have to?

*This program is only available to new clients.
*You set the REDUCED commission to offer to agent.
*One time flat fee: $49. – No other charges!
*Find clients Yourself without an agent – Pay NO commission.
*Some MLS publishing restrictions may apply. Ask us for help and support.

Computer or Realtor?

Offering’s Flat $49 MLS Free Listing taken to an unheard of affordable level.
Rather then charging a high rate commission for any sale or rental, RentaVenta flat $49 rate MLS Listing offers an A La carte Menu for sale or Rent by Owners to look over. We enable home owners to save thousands of dollars.
With our $49. Flat Rate MLS Listing, we give our customers more than some other For Sale By Owner Websites. Also, our customer percieve that they are getting a genuine advantageous deal by advertising their property on hundred of online highly popular websites with just a mere $49 fee.

In order to help you post your property on the MLS, we need to know and ask You several quetions about your property to be posted to millions online.
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